Interested in Becoming a Pilot?

Ayers Aviation will sit down with you for Free (one on one) to answer all of your questions about the process of becoming a pilot. After answering all of your questions, we will then schedule your Discovery Flight for only $99.

But How much Will it Cost?

Every person learns at a different pace than others. Some people may get their pilot’s license in as many at 45 hours while others may get it in close to 55 to 60 hours.

How long does it take to get a Pilots License?

Getting your pilots license is based upon your own schedule. Some people get their License in as little as two months while others space their training out over 6 months to even One year.

What is needed to become a Pilot?

To become a pilot the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) mandates that a student pilot has to have a minimum of 40 flight hours in order to complete your check ride and to get your pilots license.

Do I have to pay the Full Cost of Flight Trainings at once?

No! Just pay (Credit Card, Check or Cash) after the completion of each Flight lesson or Ground School lesson. This helps you space out your Payments.


Cost of getting your Pilots License in 50 Flight Hours (Break Down)


Aircraft Rental (Wet Rate)


  • Estimated 50 Hours Flight time – (Cessna 172 Aircraft Rental @ $130 Wet Rate)

Dual Flight Instruction


  • Estimated 40 hours Dual Flight Instruction @ $70 hourly rate

Written Exam Fee


  • Written Exam Fee charged by a designated testing facility.

Books / Training Materials


  • Books/Supplies and other Training Materials

Ground School Class


  • Ground School/Written Test Prep Class & Ground Instruction for checkride preparation

Examiners Fee


  • Examiners fee for the checkride

Medical Certification


  • Third-Class Medical Exam Cost

Total Cost

$ 10,810